Creative And Amazing Crochet Amigurumi Patterns for Kids Fun


Our kids are the main part of our life. We always care about their food, clothes, and requirements. Then why we forget about their toys? Well, there is no doubt that almost all kinds of toys are available in the market. But are they all safe for your kid? Stop wondering. Just bring these creative amigurumi patterns in your life right now. These amazing crochet ideas are best to deliver something really admirable in look. Toys with different crocheting patterns are soft, and adorable in appearance. So let’s grab these wonderful amigurumi patterns to express your love for your kids in an attractive manner.

Tutorial Sleepydoll Amigurumi Crochet

First of all, in the tutorials of amigurumi patterns, we would like to show you the wonderful designing of the sleepy doll crochet pattern. The beautiful colors of the yarns that are used in the designing of this sleepy doll are many it’s a delightful crochet pattern. We are quite sure that your kids will love it.

Octopus Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Tutorial

Here another idea of the amigurumi creation is the part of the tutorial shown below. The beautiful color combination of light and dark pink is given it an impressive look. This octopus crochet pattern is styled out to have an addition to your little princess toys. You can also use this crochet item for decoration purpose.

How To Crochet Amigurumi Donut – Crochet Tutorial

An amazing tutorial for the amigurumi donut is presented here just for you. This delightful crochet pattern will not only an attractive addition to your kid’s toys but also great enough to hang on kitchen walls. This is simply a multipurpose crochet idea that you can use for playing as well as for the adornment of your kitchen area.

Crochet Amigurumi Bear Pattern Video Tutorial

Now here comes another pleasant crochet pattern video tutorial. Kids always love to have some bear toys in their room. This crochet amigurumi bear pattern will assist you in designing an attractive bear toy for your beloved kid. Check out the shown tutorial below.

Crochet Amigurumi Along Little Bigfoot Bunny

These days, most of the kids are getting inspired with the bunny cartoons. And that’s why they also desire to have this bunny character in their playing toys. This attractive crochet along little bigfoot bunny amigurumi tutorial will make you able to design out the best character on your own.

How To Crochet Amigurumi Octopus | Croby Patterns

The most wonderful thing about crochet amigurumi is that it won’t harm your kid in any way. So that you can easily crochet this octopus pattern for the kid under the age of 3 years. Grab out this crochet amigurumi idea in orange color octopus creation and show your hidden love to your beloved with it.


Designing a crochet amigurumi cow always seems the best idea. This crochet cow is wonderfully created with the use of various color combinations in it. This is not just a playing item. You can also locate this crochet pattern in your living room to have an impressive impression on your visitors.

How To Crochet A Giraffe: Amigurumi Stuffed Toy

Grab out this giraffe amigurumi idea that would not take a lot of time in its completion. This wonderful stuffed toy is all crocheted with the use of yellow and dark-brown yarn in it. It seems pretty and quite easy in crocheting. Have a look at the video tutorial of this stuffed toy.

How to Crochet an Amigurumi Jellyfish for Beginners and Advanced

Kids of the modern age loves to play with something advanced and unique in look. This crochet amigurumi is smartly crocheted with the use of yarn in it that is easily available in all around the globe. The idea of designing a crochet jellyfish looks inspirational and your kid will love to play with it.

Easy Crochet Tutorial How To Make An Amigurumi Snail

Kid’s always shown their interest in playing with unique and soft toys. This amigurumi snail is all here for this purpose. It is beautiful in look and soft enough as well. The smart use of light and dark colors for it crocheting is making it one of the best idea of DIY amigurumi. For easy designing check out the tutorial shown below.

Crochet Amigurumi Baby Monsters with CraftyisCool / Magic Ring tutorial

There are many kids, who love to play with monsters. This crochet amigurumi baby monsters will be a great surprise for your kids. All these crochet monsters are smartly formed with the use of yarn in it. The use of bright colors for the designing of these monsters will for sure attract your kid’s toward it.

Tessa The Turtle Amigurumi Free Pattern Workshop

Here we have another attractive idea of Tessa the turtle amigurumi. This crochet pattern is elegant is appearance and you can also use this idea for the adornment of your swimming pool areas. It will be a great addition to the space. The pattern of designing this amigurumi is an easy one. You can get more assistance through the tutorial given below.

How To Crochet Sushi Amigurumi

Let’s crochet another amigurumi with the use of easily available, soft and durable yarn. This video tutorial will for sure help you that how you can design an attractive sushi amigurumi for your beloved kid. It is simply a great way of showing your hidden love to your children with your crocheting.

Cat Amigurumi Crochet Tutorial

Now have a look at the exceptional crochet pattern of this black cat amigurumi. This crochet pattern is smartly brought here for cat lovers. This is simply a multipurpose plan that you can easily crochet with the use of this tutorial shown below.

Crochet Mouse Pattern – Easy Amigurumi Pattern

Crocheting a beautiful mouse is not only good to use as a toy, but also a great one for those who desire something elegant for the renovation of there houses with something really different. This easy amigurumi pattern of a mouse given in the video tutorial will really helpful for you in this manner.

Crochet Minion Stuffed Toy Pattern

Now add this wonderful idea of minion stuffed toy crocheting in your crocheting list right now. Minion appears as the most admirable character for the kids, so why not to crochet it at home. Well, this crochet amigurumi will appear as the ideal gift for your beloved kid.

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