Crochet Pattern Tutorials for Sweaters / Cardigans / Vests / Jackets


As the winter is all set to come, and you are looking for some layering ideas to cover your body. Then nothing seems perfect than a crochet vest, crocheted sweaters,  a cardigan or a beautifully created crochet jacket. Just forget about using purses, or shoes for adding style to your look, and choose out this appealing wear’s crochet items of clothing to have a modern and stylish feel. The most admirable thing about these crochet patterns in that you will also get familiar with some summer style vests, and sweaters. These summer crochet patterns are airy but also keep your warm in AC and of course, in late night parties. So grab out these exceptional ideas of crocheting sweaters, jackets, cardigans, and vests shown below.

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Crochet Tutorial: Spring Sun Mandala Vest

If you are looking to layer your suit with a comfortable clothing item, then you will never get an inspirational design then this spring sun mandala vest. This vest is beautifully crocheted to add attraction to your look. The design is awesome and eye-catching and equally best to wear in winters or in the beautiful spring weather.

Crochet the Everyday Cardigan Sweater

Girls like to wear something really comfortable and soft just like the cardigan sweater. The crocheting pattern is elegant one that gives it an outstanding look. You can easily wear it casually and at the formal events. The smart selection of color for the cardigan sweater is making it best to use whenever you like.

How to Crochet a Modern Draped Cardigan – Easy Free Crochet Sweater Pattern

With this one really exceptional design of modern draped cardigan, you did not desires to wear any other clothing item over your jeans. It is beautiful and soft enough that you will enjoy to wear them in winters. The front designing of the crochet draped cardigan is giving a little impression of a crochet shawl.

How to Crochet Oversized Batwing Sweater

This crochet pattern is quite simple to crochet in the work of few hours. The batwing sweater is created in a free size so that it will impressively suit to fat ladies. This sweater is light in weight so you will never get bored or be being fed up with using this idea. The shape and stitch both are complementing this crochet pattern.

Beginner-Friendly Crochet Cardigan Tutorial – How to Make a Sweater From a Simple Rectangle

This is another colder-weather crochet cardigan tutorial for you. This winter cardigan is quite thicker then other winter clothing items, so it will for sure keep your body warm, no matters how much cold it is. The pattern is impressively beginner friendly and the tutorial is full of step by step instructions.

How to make Baby Crochet Cabled Cardigan Sweater

Let’s make this baby crochet cardigan at home, and make this impressive clothing item a part of your clothing drawer right now. The cabled crochet pattern is making this cardigan sweater heavier and good one to keep the body of your baby warm on extremely cold nights and days. Check out the simple designing of this sweater.

Crochet Ruffle Sleeve Cardigan

Designing a ruffle sleeve cardigan seems attractive as it will add a great pleasurable attraction in your look. You will love to wear such a fantastic crochet clothing. It will amazingly serve you a great piece that will make your body safe from any kind of harsh effects of winter. You can also be worn this beautifully crocheted sleeve cardigan at night events.

Crochet Tutorial: Sharp Dressed Man

Now add this wonderful crochet piece to your hubby’s wardrobe by crocheting it at your home. This sharply dressed man crochet sweater is extraordinary in look and will make your man looks more attractive. The idea of crocheting this sharp dressed man is quite easy but when completed, you can also present this one as a gift.

Crochet Granny Square Cardigan Tutorial

Just stop here and this beauteous crochet cardigan on the top of your crocheting list. This granny square cardigan in the wonderful color combination of light and dark making it the most adorable project in all. You can also make any beautiful change it’s designing, and shape as well as in color as according to your desires.

Tutorial Easy Crochet Cardigan – Granny Stripes

Looking for a perfect crochet idea that you can adapt easily to the first outlook impact? This beautiful idea is amazingly brought closer to you in the video tutorial shown below. This tutorial will allow you to crochet a cardigan in a granny stripe pattern. The formation of this cardigan is all here to wear with jeans and long skirts.

The Hedonist’s Housecoat Crochet Pattern Video Tutorial

Another heart-touching crochet pattern is all here for your comfort. Yes, comfort, because if we truly compares the quality of crocheted housecoats with another ready-made housecoat, you will amazingly accept the softness and comfort in DIY crochet housecoat. This crochet pattern of hedonist’s housecoat is farther beautified with the creation of front pockets.

How To Make A Cute And Easy Baby Cardigan | Croby Patterns

If you are one of them, who desires to crochet an appealing cardigan for your newborn at home? to show your care and as well as to follow the ancient tradition of crocheting baby clothes at home, then this idea is simply mind-blowing. You can design this easy baby cardigan with the help of shown video tutorial.

How to Crochet A Women’s Pullover – XS – 4 XL

If you have made a little research on the internet, you will find out a mind-blowing crochet trend on it. And that is not other than a beautiful pullover that is crocheted with a yarn. This fascinating pullover idea will transform your simple look to appear stylish. You have full freedom to crochet best, desirable size for your wearing.

CROCHET – Super Easy Hexagon Cardigan

Choose out this breath-taking super easy hexagon cardigan and start crocheting it with your favorite color yarn. This long cardigan is thickening and also airy. This crochet cardigan is equally good to use on chilly winter nights and also the great one to wear in your AC room.

Crochet V-Neck Sweater // Crochet Sweater Tutorial

Here we have a thought-provoking idea of crocheting a V-neck sweater. You can easily use this crochet sweater to wear alone like a shirt or to wear other sweaters and vests. The elegant yet impressive tutorial is given below for your ease so that you can complete the creation of this sweater in few hours.

How to crochet Lavender Crochet Cardigan! Easy pattern, step-bystep!

Now learn that how you can crochet a fascinating lavender crochet cardigan for you. A step by step tutorial is showing the graceful crocheting of this light-purple cardigan pattern. This is a perfect idea for ice-cold movie theaters. It will attractively cover the whole body and will appear a fabulous style statement for you.

Easy crochet cardigan! Get a big crochet hook and lets begin!

Let’s begin to crochet this cardigan that is extraordinary in look and the warmest one. The hook is also attached with the cardigan that will make it more flexible in using time.This idea is simply exceptional, as a women of any size can be worn it without any kind of worries of having high weight.

How to Crochet a Granny Square Cocoon Sweater Cardigan

This is another wonderful cocoon sweater cardigan introduced here for your easily and brilliant crocheting time. A fantastic granny square crochet pattern is used for it’s designing. You can easily wear these type of winter clothings to went on picnic and holidays. The idea will smartly keep you away from harsh cold effects.

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