Free Crochet Amigurumi Doll Pattern Tutorials


Almost every single kid loves to play with some unique and outstanding toys. They also desire to have attraction and beauty in their toys, especially girl’s desires to have elegant dolls in their rooms. Dolls are simply the best partners for the girls. Crocheted amigurumi dolls are soft, graceful and impressive in designing. So let’s crochet these stunning crochet doll ideas that will amaze surprise your kids. The most wonderful thing about these amigurumi doll patterns is that each is quite different from each other. so you can attractively crochet all these one by one, to make a huge collection of amigurumi dolls in your kid room at an affordable way.

crochet amigurumi dolls 4


Let’s crochet the wonderful pattern of basic doll that enchants you. The crocheting method is quite simple as shown in the tutorial given below. This basic doll pattern is smartly created to amaze your kids with such a fascinating toy piece. This crochet basic doll is best to crochet to present someone as a gift.

How to crochet an EASY doll / toy – amigurumi doll pattern

Kids love to play with new and unique dolls. But they also demand to have a new doll just after the few days of buying the older one. So let’s crochet these easy doll/toy amigurumi design to serve best but really affordable. The video tutorial given below will assist you that how you can easily crochet these toys.

Tutorial Sleepydoll Amigurumi Crochet

There are many kids, who love to have a sleepy doll in their bedroom. They like to put them on their bed while sleeping. So this amazing sleepy doll amigurumi is all here to surprise you. The color selection is wonderful and the pattern is best to adapt at the first outlook impact.


Tilda dolls are trending these days, as they are beautiful and kids love to play with it. To create this wonderful-looking crochet doll you just need to collect threads of different colors and a crocheting hook. The color pattern is quite attractive but you can also crochet it as according to the wishes of your kid.

Kayleigh Crochet Doll Tutorial

Now we are going to make your introduction with a fantastic Kayleigh doll. The video given below will delightfully help you to crochet this beautiful doll. The fascinating use of yarn for the hair creation is eye-catching. The project will for sure like by your beloved kids, especially the little princess in your home.

How to crochet a doll – UNICORN DOLL – DRESS tutorial

Here we are proudly bringing to you a stylish Unicron doll. The creation of the alluring doll is appealing. The use of bright colors for its hair designing is impressive. By crafting this awesome plan you can attractively make a unique addition in your little princess toys bag. Check out the simple designing for this crochet doll.

Making My Crochet Doll

A heart-touching, simple video for making my crochet doll is all here just for your ease. This crochet pattern for the designing of a doll is heart-winning. You can crochet this doll idea to deliver the best toy to your little princess. The crochet project is also outstanding to make someone’s day with by giving her as a gift.

How to Crochet a Mermaid Doll

Mermaid doll is another thought-provoking idea of crocheting a doll of your choice. Yes, this mermaid doll is really loved by little girls. But when we plan to crochet them with yarn, the creation look exceptional. You can also design this masterpiece to adorn the boring look of your kid’s room by hanging it on walls.

Bambola Amigurumi Uncinetto Tutorial -Muñeca Crochet -Doll Crochet

Let’s style out the most impressive amigurumi uncinetto crochet doll. This all-time favorite toy of little kids is full of colors. You can use this crocheting idea to surprise your fellows with your mom’s exceptional crocheting skills. A simple tutorial is the part of this wonderful post for your assistance.

Crochet doll tutorial

Now check out the breath-taking idea of crocheting this beautiful doll shown here for you. The crocheting doll is made easiest for you by providing you step by step instructions. The yarn color is impressive and the idea is all time working. Whenever you get some extra free time, you can work to complete this doll formation.

Crochet Basics 123 Wonder Woman Amigurumi Anime Kawaii Free Pattern K. Jolie Fan Art Doll

Before crocheting any new design of amigurumi doll, it is essential to collect all the required material for it. So make sure before crocheting this extraordinary Anime Kawaii doll that you are working with the right color yarn and with right crochet pattern. The crocheting of this doll is made clear for you with the help of given video.

Rainbow Loom Strawberry Shortcake (Doll Part 1 of 2) – Loomigurumi Amigurumi Hook Only Лумигуруми

This doll creation is specially made for the strawberry lovers. As strawberries are delicious, the amigurumi is also the awesome one. The pattern, and color scheming both are done professionally. The beautiful of the doll is farther enhanced with the light-green color touch in it. Here an easy video for you.

Rainbow Loom Strawberry Shortcake (Doll Part 2 of 2) – Loomigurumi Amigurumi Hook Only Лумигуруми

Hatsune Miku Amigurumi Crochet Tutorial Part 1

These types of Hatsune Miku amigurumi crochet dolls are really become an inspiration for kids. So why to waste your great sum of money on buying new dolls. Just crochet them at home. This soft doll is elegant is look and will for sure appear as the impressive addition to your kid’s playing room.

Hatsune Miku Amigurumi Crochet Tutorial Part 2

Paula doll crochet amigurumi (English subtitles) 1/2

Kids always love to have some attractive and pleasing toys in their room. This Paula doll crocheting will appear really beneficial for you.The pattern of crocheting this amigurumi is beginner friendly. The video is provided by English subtitles and the project is simply affordable for everyone.

Paula doll crochet amigurumi (English subtitles) 2/2

( Part 1) Tiny doll crochet tutorial / fine doll crochet

Try out crocheting this stunning idea of tiny dolls.These fine dolls crochet is inspirational that you will love to crochet in your first leisure time. The use of bright colors are giving this crochet plans an eye-catching impression. These tiny dolls are attractive and soft that your kids will really like to play with it.

( Part 2) Tiny doll crochet tutorial / fine doll crochet

Part 1 | Crocheted Doll Blanky | Blanket And Arms

This is something different is crocheting a doll idea. The look of this crochet project is outstanding and impressive. These blanket and arms concept is created with the fantastic use of yarn. Yes, yarn in white and green color. This thought-provoking crochet idea seems perfect for your kid’s birthday.

Part 2 | Crocheted Doll Blanky | Head And Hair Base

Amigurumi Doll Crochet Tutorial Part 1

It was an old concept that amigurumi doll is only available in toys markets and it is not possible to crochet them at home. This amazing tutorial will instruct you step by step, with which you can crochet countless designs of amigurumi dolls. These dolls will definitely be appealing to the ready-made ones.

Amigurumi Doll Crochet Tutorial Part 2

How to Crochet my Amigurumi Doll Baby – Pt 1

Here we are making a great ease for you. Making an amigurumi doll baby is no more a difficult task for you. Crocheting is a beneficial process that allows us to crochet whatever we desire for. So let’s check out the brilliant video tutorial that will make you able to crochet cute little baby dolls easily.

How to Crochet my Amigurumi Baby – Pt 2

POCOYO Loomigurumi Rainbow Loom Doll Charm Tutorial