Easy and Pretty Patterns for Crocheted Shawls


Let’s add beauty and attraction to your wardrobe by knitting these crochet shawl patterns on your own. Few pretty and easy crocheting patterns are provided below in the video tutorials so that you can crochet the best admirable shawl for you. The designs and patterns of these shawls are quite different from each other. These crochet pattern ideas will bring a great change is your simple dressing and will also keep you warm in extremely cold weather. These easier crochet plans are simple enough that a beginner can also make his crocheting dream came true through following these video tutorials, so have a look at these appealing patterns given below.


First of all, we are bringing to you a very pretty and flower pattern shawl for you. This crochet pattern looks elegant and designed out with a unique technique in it. This idea of shawl designing will for suits the girls who will like to wear it in parties and events. The floral pattern of the shawl looks complementing as shown in the video below.

Splendid Springtime Shawl – Crochet Pattern

Let’s welcome this spring season in a unique manner with the designing of this splendid springtime shawl on your own. This crochet pattern idea looks funky and eye-catching all it is full of beautiful colors. This bird style crochet shawl will attractively increase the beauty of your suits to whom you like to wear it with.

How to crochet the Virus shawl

Are you looking for the best tutorial through which you can learn how to crochet the virus shawl pattern, well, here it is for you. From the video, you will get the exact idea of crocheting the elegant virus pattern shawl that you can easily wear with your casual dresses as well as with your formal party dresses.

Cloister Shell Shawl Crochet Tutorial

Wow, this is another beautiful idea of crocheting a unique and elegant shawl with few crocheting skills you have in your hand.You just need to gather essential material for crocheting and simply to watch the video. The beautiful color scheme and cloister shell pattern for the creation of the shawl will really appear impressive for you.

Shawl crochet pattern – a simple project to learn how to crochet

Here we have another thought-provoking idea of crocheting a stylish yet simple to design shawl pattern for you. This delightful pattern is crochet with the use of sky blue thread. It will greatly add charm to your look and will turn the women to appear fashionable and stylish. Have a look at the video.


Want some exceptional yet easy crochet pattern for the designing of your shawls, then grab out this one. This shawl with shells and puff stitch will provide you the best that you desire for yourself. This appealing crochet idea will not only raise the beauty of your dressing but will also keep you warm in cold weather.

How To Crochet A Shawl Caron Cake Shawl

Now learn a stylish shawl crocheting idea in caron cake pattern. It is different shawl designing idea but also multi-functional one to start your work on it. The beautiful color selection and the use of buttons all are giving this shawl an inspirational look at the first sight.

How to Crochet Sidewalk Shawl

Add glamour to your boring look with the crocheting of this amazing sidewalk shawl for you. This artistic pattern shawl is smartly presented for those who likes to mix the modern and classic look together in their dressing. It will beautify your appearance and at the same time keep your warm.

The Arbor Shawl Crochet Tutorial

This is another breath-taking arbor shawl crochet tutorial for your ease and beauty. Arbor designed crochet shawl is classic in their look, and have speaking beauty in it. The color scheme shown in the video tutorial is the good one, but you can also change the color scheme as according to your taste and desire.

How to Crochet a Triangle Shawl Pattern

Triangle shawl pattern is one of the best crochet shawl design not only for women only but also famous in males as well. The only one thing is needed to do is the change in man’s shawl’s color. This fashionable crochet shawl pattern will ornament your look and reveal your love with beauty.

Offset shell crochet shawl – Crochet Tutorial

A shawl in maroon always remained the top choice for young girls. So here we are going to offer you a delicate offset shell crochet shawl in maroon. This appealing shawl is handsomely designed out in a unique and different manner to deliver you something amazing for your wearing.

Easy Crochet Boho Shawl/Vest Tutorial

Boho means something funky, attractive and full of colors. This easy crochet boho shawl is specially styled out for those who really desire to keep colors with them. The amazing pattern and color scheme both are giving this shawl eye-catching display at the first outlook impact as shown in the video.

Healing Shawl Wrap Crochet Pattern

Let’s change your simple look to glamorous one, by wearing this impressive crochet shawl with your with the favorite outfit. This healing shawl wrap crochet pattern is all designed out according to modern shawl’s trends and styles so that your confidence level goes high. Check out this attractive shawl design right now.

Beachy Crochet Shawl Tutorial – Beginner Friendly

Planning to went for a picnic near the sea-side, or along the shore of the river, then try out this beachy crochet shawl in your dressing. It will make your appearance looks stylish and modern. The tutorial given in the video below is simple and simply beginner friendly. Have a look that how to design this beachy shawl with these instructions.

How to Crochet A Prayer Shawl

A cool design of crochet pattern in the form of this delightful prayer shawl is given in the video shown below. This appealing idea of creating this attractive color shawl looks perfect for young aged girls as well as for women belong to any time. The exceptional knitting and crocheting both are tuning this project best in all.

How to crochet the Virus Shawl

Virus crochet shawl is getting popularity with the passage of every single day. The basic reason behind there popularity is their alluring look, it adds styles to girl’s wearing, and keep warm in extremely cold winters. So why not to try this appealing design right now.

Alpaca Dance Luna Moth Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

Here another alluring crochet shawl idea is brought closer to provide you something exceptional and great in term of usage. This alpaca dance luna moth shawl design is elegant and outstanding to designed out with the use of these instructions. It’s stylish look will for sure prettify your look.

How to Crochet a Top Down Shawl

Adorn your beauty by wearing this beautiful top-down shawl idea. This attractive shawl pattern is best to use casually as well as good for attending formal events. This amazing video will teach you that how to crochet this gorgeous crochet shawl by following these instructions.

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