25 Beginner to Advance Crochet Afghan Patterns


Let’s polish your crocheting skills with something really inspirational at  the first impact. These advance crochet patterns is all here to advance your crocheting ideas. Afghan patterns are the most popular and demading crochet pattern all around the globe. It will be ripple in look, have an icy snowflake display, may be in waves, or have a touch of sunflowers in it. So let’s get ready to use these wonderful crochet pattern in the creation of various useful things. Now you can crochet an ideal, good-looking crochet shawl, a funky styles bag or sweater, or can use these patterns for the creation of blankets. Grab out these beginner crochet patterns with the help of video tutorials shown below.

Crochet Ripple Stitch Afghan Tutorial

Crocheting a ripple stitch Afghan is not yet simple before. Here we have artistically made a great opportunity for you. Now you can easily crochet this ripple stitch Afghan tutorial for to adorn the dull look of your wardrobe. You can choose this stitch for the creation of crochet shawls, bags and much much more.

Crochet Chevron Afghan Pattern Tutorial

An elegant crochet pattern is introduced in the video tutorial shown below. This chevron Afghan pattern is created with the adorable combining of the brown, white and brown color. This crochet idea is best to design a beauteous shawl, bag, and blanket with it. This tutorial will attractively add charm to your clothing and accessories.

How to Crochet An Afghan: Rectangle Granny Afghan

Let’s check out this rectangle granny Afghan crochet pattern that always comes first whenever we plan to crochet anything on our own. This admirable crochet pattern is a style out with the use of bright and funky colors yarns in it. This crochet pattern is gorgeous in look and also great to crochet a large or small blanket with it.

How to Crochet an Afghan: Dusty Snowflake Afghan

Designing a dusty snowflake Afghan crochet pattern always add glamour and attraction in women’s wardrobe. This crochet gives an inspirational impression when completes. The use of white yarn for the crocheting of flowers delivers this pattern a motivational attractiveness in it. Check out the tutorial shown below.

How to Crochet A Wave Afghan: Ripples in the Sand

This good-looking crochet pattern is showing the designing of a wave Afghan that is elegantly created with the use of grey color yarn. This wonderful crocheting pattern is exceptional in look. You can easily acquire this crochet pattern to create your winter sweaters, and shawls with it.

How to Crochet A Wave Afghan: Double Crochet

Double crochet pattern with a wave Afghan creation in it gives a fluffy and warm appearance. This inspiration crochet pattern is shown with the use of purple, blue and white color yarn. These colors are attractively adding glamour to this wave Afghan design. Crochet this idea on your own as shown in the video tutorial.

How to Crochet: Lion Brand Celtic Afghan

Another beautiful Afghan pattern is here for you. It is delightfully crochet with the grey color yarn. Now you can crochet an elegant blanket, sweater and even an attractive shawl with it. This Lionbrand Celtic Afghan will keep your warm and cozy in extremely cold winters. So grab out this crochet pattern right now.

How to Crochet A Wave Afghan: Boho Ocean Waves

Check out the wonderful look of this wave Afghan crochet pattern. Boho ocean wave crochet pattern is one of the most popular Afghan patterns that always appears eye-catching. Creating an ocean style with the use of yarn delivers a thought-provoking effect on the mind. Here is the tutorial for this pattern.

Baby Wave Afghan Crochet Tutorial

Now try out another amazing crochet pattern and create some exceptional things with it. This crochet pattern is called baby wave Afghan as the waves created in this pattern are quite small then the simple wave pattern. Blending of various colors in this pattern always deliver an inspirational look at the crochet pattern.

Call The Midwife inspired Afghan

Here we have another unique Afghan crochet pattern for you. This call the midwife pattern is popular in many countries for a very long time. This pattern is crocheted with the off-white yarn. It did not take much time for completion. The ideal thing about this Afghan crochet pattern is that it can also be used for crocheting dining covers.

Icy Snowflake Afghan Free Crochet Pattern – Right Handed

Icy snowflake Afghan is the best crochet pattern as it gives an attractive and impressive look at the first sight. This crochet pattern appears full of white flowers that gives an impact of icy snow. This elegant pattern is also a great one to design with the use of various colors yarns to give the creation a funky, trendy look.

How To Crochet An Afghan: Sunflower Throw

This Afghan crochet pattern is quite different from the snowflake as the flowers are giving an impression of sunflowers instead of snow. Grab out this appealing crochet idea to create mind-blowing trending things with it. Just stop getting about the difficulties in the crocheting and check out the easy tutorial shown below.

Kaleidoscope Crochet Afghan Tutorial

Another useful crochet pattern is the part of the video tutorial shown below. This Kaleidoscope crochet pattern is inspiring one at the first outlook effect.You can design this pattern to crochet a colorful blanket and sweater for you. The creation of various color flowers is the top main element of this crochet pattern.

Happy Hearts Afghan Crochet Pattern Tutorial

Let’s have a look at this happy hearts Afghan crochet pattern. This pattern is quite different but the most adorable one. The delightful crocheting of hearts is making it best to present someone your really care for. This happy heart crochet pattern is simply amazing one for designing a scarf and shawl.


Here we have another wonderful crochet idea for you. This sunflower afghan step by step tutorial is simple and delightful in look. This thought-provoking crochet pattern seems attractive with the combination of all original sunflower colors. When the idea completes, it delightfully looks like a sunflower.

Crochet In Love with Color Afghan Pattern

Colors add beauty to life. This crochet in love with love is an amazing idea of designing Afghan pattern. As you can see in the video tutorial this pattern is done for the designing of a blanket. While you can also shape out this crochet idea for the formation of crochet purses and bags as well.

How to Crochet An Afghan: Chevron or Ripples in Any Size

Here we are going to offer you an attractive idea of creating a chevron or ripple stitch. This beauteous crochet idea is smartly designed with the combination of these delightful colors shown in the video below. This ripple crochet idea is created with the use of sea-green, white and pink yarn.

How to Tunisian Crochet: Rectangle Afghan

It’s time to crochet an elegant rectangle Afghan stitch that is not only simple in term of designing but impressive in look as well. This Tunisian crochet is equally good to design for blankets, sweaters, and shawls as well. This video tutorial will definitely help you in the creation of this most popular stitch.

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